A Story about my kid.

They say you should not “cry over spilt milk” but sometimes you need to after cleaned up milk.

Yesterday my son (3 years old) fell in the lunch room at school. A child had spilled milk on the floor and a teacher cleaned it up creating a wet spot on the floor.  Shortly after the clean-up, Cam was walking (well, probably running) to throw away trash and upon hitting the spot, went from his feet to his bottom to bumping his head. He hit the back of his head pretty good and he cried, was sad and of course, he was aking for mommy.  

The school’s director took him to her office to check him out and allow him to rest for a few minutes. His requests for mommy slowed and they worked through whether they needed to call home. During this time, he had a Popsicle to “help the inside of his head.” 

Once he was finally settled (about 10 minutes) she asked one last time if he want her to call his mommy. He decided not to call and was ready to go back to his class.  Upon leaving her office, he turned around in the doorway and asked: “do you think next time you could put a sign up to tell people it is slippery?” 

The Director, trying to keep a straight face, replied that she would be sure to do that next time.

Classic Cam.





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