Quick thoughts on OSX Lion

I finally upgraded to Lion a couple weeks ago and I thought I would just quickly jot down a few things I really like about it in case you find this and are wondering about the switch. 

1. I love full screen Pages.  You can see it a little bit here: 


The thing is, when you are in full screen mode, that which is not white wordprocessor is just black background. So, there are less distractions. When I write, I have trouble with getting distracted by the litte numbers in on the twitter and facebook tabs in my browser. But will full screen, I am one step further from seeing them. 
Plus, it looks nice. 

2. I like other full screen apps as well. I am not in the habit of using them all the time, but I am working on it. 

3. I love the way the Desktops work. It takes a little bit of time to figure out how to use them the way you want to, but they are effective for me. I used Spaces in Snow Leopard and I do not miss it now. 
Also, with Desktops, you can customize the backgrounds of each desktop. Therefore, I have a separate desktop to launch different applications. The fun desktop is where I launch Spotify and iTunes. The contempletatve desktop launches Pages and Word and other creative applications. The sunset is my main ‘homebase’ desktop for numbers, tasks and browsing. 

4. The multitouch gestures are great once you learn them. Take time to learn them. They do not necessarily make the use of the computer tremendously faster or infinitely easier, but they do make it more pleasureable. I like it. 

5. Natural scrolling. It is great. Second nature after a few days. No big deal and makes sense. 

For now, regarding that is what I wanted to say that I love. 

The only critique I have of Lion is that if I leave Chrome or especially Firefox open and it shuts down on its own, it can be really slow to re-load. This is forcing a change in habits that I think are good, but it is change. I have pondered a RAM upgrade and may do one, but if I manage my applications reasonably, I can probably skate by without an upgrade immediately. But, my machine is a base 13-inch MBP from mid 2009, so it has permission to be a little slower than other machines out there right now. 

Ok, that’s what I got. Thanks for reading and commenting, if you do so. 




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