A Duke Fan Responds (though the accidental original title ‘untitled’ is appropriate too).

Ok, so Lehigh. 
This stinks. But, I need to admit, we knew that this team would do this to us. There was no other way for it to end. We love these kids, but they were not going to win it all.

So, Lehigh.
Well, it hurts.
It puts us on the wrong side of the history ledger, but we* are comfortable being a part of history. And, I still remember several of my rivals biggest losses, like what happened on March 12, 1999.

Life will go on… 

But, as it does, it will with these two things.  

First, since all of us but one will end our season like this, let us admit that our love for our teams actually does what Jack White wants love to do to…





But, after the pain goes away…

When I think about this season…

I will pretty much remember this:

That one will make me smile for a really, really long time.

Happy Tournament to the rest of you. We are off to the golf course.


ps. on a somewhat related, but unrealted note…
the officiating has been bad enough in this tournament that we could all legitmately quit watching this sport all together. It has not been wrestling, but it has moved in that direction. Duke lost, legitimately. We stunk. But, it was 8 on 5 for most of the game.
Other calls in other games have been awful too though. The officials need to step it up.

pps. Hey Lehigh. How about winning on Sunday. Hey Baylor, win tomorrow…then pack Lehigh’s lunch for them next Friday night in Atlanta. It would help one part of me feel good for the other part. 

*And, I say ‘us and we.’
I paid my tuition.
I have a diploma.
Sure, I didn’t play in Cameron with the team, but I helped pay the bills.
It is we. 





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