Expen$ive $eptember


I am one of those people (some call us old) who likes to purchase complete albums.
I am also one of those people (old works here too) who likes to have physical copies of the complete albums that I purchase. This will make September an expensive month.
Here are two lists of albums I am really interested in purchasing. Make fun of my taste if you want, but I’m pretty excited about the month ahead, even if my checkbook is bracing for the attack. If you want a more complete list of September album releases, there is a good list over at metacritic.com.

Will definitely purchase:
Sept. 11: The Avett Brothers, Dave Matthews Band,
Sept. 18: The Killers (ok, this one fits between definitely and maybe, and Carly Rae Jepsen releases the same day)
Sept 25: Mumford & Sons

Am Interested in purchasing:
Sept.4: Imagine Dragons, T.I.
Sept. 18: Ben Folds Five
Sept. 25: Green Day

That is quite a month and does not include several others that will definitely top the Billboard Charts.
Also, coming later this fall are Big Boi and Kanye West.

All this leads me to the state the obvious:

The music industry may be dying, but the state of music is pretty good, or, at the very least, interesting. 

The photo above is an edited screen shot of the App: Vinyl Tap on iPad. Find it here:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vinyl-tap/id506166028?mt=8
The developer is andboom. 


One thought on “Expen$ive $eptember

  1. One hour to go and it’s time for the new avett bros album. I’ll be listening to it on a roadtrip to Asheville in a few days! Greatest sum is still my favorite…

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