Another HBR Recommendation


Bob Dylan sang, The Times they are a-Changin. Here it is on YouTube:

Though that song has enough miles on it to be a full-blown cliche, it still rings true.

As we consider changing times, I think it is interesting to track the changes. One of the major changes has been in the emergence of a medium called Social Media.
Social Media is great. I love it. I love the networking, the relationships and the discoveries that come through these new modes of communicating.
In her recent Harvard Business Review Blog Post, Traditional Strategy Is Dead. Welcome to the #SocialEra, Nilofer Merchant offers keen observations about not just the Social and its connection to Media, but also the way that ‘Social’ defines the time we now live in.

I enjoyed this post and I am really interested in her new eBook that has just been released.

There are plenty of resources out there from great thinkers and prognosticators like Seth Godin and Clay Shirky, and this one will like go right up there with some of my other favorites. (One book in this vein that I have read and highly recommend is Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus)

So, enjoy the blog post, and if you are so inclined, grab the eBook as well.


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