Could I BE any more cliche?


This is my Friday work setup. I’m not in the office today but have several things to do, so I have hit up my local Starbucks.
But, I realize that I might be worth making fun of, a little bit…
I’m working in a French press,
While typing on my MacBook,
Sampling Grizzly Bear on Spotify through my UrbanEars,
While wearing neon pumas and jeans that are as skinny as I am willing to go…

Im 35. I may need to grow up someday, but at this point I’m content with having wisdom and experience that is well beyond my trend-chasing sensibilities. And, I am wise enough to know that I’m not cool, but at least me and my 4 yo think I am. That’s enough for today.

Happy Friday to you. May you feel cool and find a cool place to be productive.

Ps. Did I mention my vintage polyester t and cardigan?


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