Civic Duties


My child is inquisitive. He was fascinated with the idea of voting. He knew who our pick for president and was happy to remind me as we made our way to the polls this morning.

I took him with me. 4 years from now, I may have to drag him reluctantly, but today he was thrilled to watch me connect the dots of democracy. He was proud of his “I voted” sticker and made sure to move it from his jacket to his shirt when he got to school.

As much as I lament the problems with some of our politicians and some of the deep problems with our system as it currently exists, I’m happy I can bring him to the polls on a day like today. I’m thankful this is our lot and not something else.

And, I’m thankful that today, for a few more hours, we all get to live in the glow of blissful election hope.

At this moment, no one has lost. This election is still about hope for us all.
Tomorrow, that will be different.
Tomorrow, some will claim spoils and mandates.
Tomorrow some will begin packing up desks and living as lame ducks.
Tomorrow there will be winners and losers.

But for today, we vote and hope.
Today, out children participate with us.
Today is a privilege.
Today, I am thankful for civic duties.


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