An Advent Devotional on Hope



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I wrote several devotionals for a book put together by First Baptist Church of Mobile and Hillcrest Baptist Church. 

Here is one I wrote that was for December 3, 2012, the first Monday of Advent.
I know it is late, but I hope you enjoy anyway. 

Happy Advent. 


Many churches and traditions follow particular themes during the Advent season. One of those traditions focuses on Hope for the first week of Advent.

During the first week of Advent and on the first Monday of Advent, the season offers us Hope. Today, we begin marching the toward Christmas day by adding Hope to our journey.

Our hope is not just a passive, quiet, internal or even intellectual hope. No, Advent Hope comes from and reaches in to the deepest parts of our soul. Advent Hope spurs us toward others as we journey toward Christmas. Advent Hope pushes us to new life and the peace, joy and love that inevitably come with the new birth our messiah brings.

Today, we gird ourselves with Hope.

Not just Hope that comes from a tradition, or candle in a wreath, or week on a calendar, but a deep, powerful, life-giving Hope that can only come from God invading our world and giving us life.

God invaded this world and made everything glorious and new.
God invaded and Paul was transformed from persecutor to apostle.
We wait with Hope, actively believing that God’s invasion will bring new life to us as well.

This is an active Hope.

This is the gift of God for us on this day.

Today, we wait, with great Hope.



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