My Son on Music


This morning in the car on the way to school, Cam shared some of his opinions on music with me.

It began when we landed on an XM station playing the Phil Phillips song.
Cam asked, ‘Is this Mumford?’
I replied ‘no,’ but thought, ‘well, kind of.’
He said he was confused because it sounded like Mumford but wasn’t.

The song ended, we changed the station and Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks, was playing. He shared ‘we like this song.’
I agreed and we listened and sang along.

As we approached school, the next song was Thrift Store by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
His first comment was, ‘those aren’t even real words dad.’
I changed the station but he wanted to listen more so I went back.
He then thought the line ‘$20 in my pocket’ was really funny, topped only by him repeating sarcastically, ‘$50 for a t-shirt! That’s silly.’

Yup, you got all of that right buddy.


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