Today I wrote to Starbucks on behalf of Oxford, NC (and mostly, me)


Today I wanted a coffee but could not get exactly what I wanted in town. So, I wrote a note. Here it is.


Good Afternoon Starbucks,
I write you today from my office in Oxford, North Carolina because I need a Grande Dark Roast, but the nearest one is 35 minutes away in Durham. I know that I can brew some Italian roast here in my office, but as you know, it is not the same, is it?

I also know well that Oxford North Carolina is not a hotbed of activity and the kind of metropolis where we typically would find a Starbucks, but, let me suggest this.

Oxford, North Carolina is a great little town located along I-85, 30 minutes north of Durham, NC. We are a community that is socially open and quite friendly. I think Starbuck would do well here from an ideological perspective, if you give us a chance.

Also, if you look closely at the locations map, you will see that along the I-85 corridor, there is not an Interstate-accessible Starbucks or a shop with a drive-thru for more than 150 miles (Elon, NC to Colonial Heights, VA). Since Oxford is located about half-way between these two shops, it just might be the perfect place for coffee drinkers to stop, use the restroom, grab a pastry and get a refill in the snazzy plastic refillable cup they bought in Elon or Colonial Heights.

Sure, I would love to have a shop in the vacant corner building in downtown, but I understand that on the edge of town might work better this time for those passing through and/or those headed to Raleigh and Durham for work each morning. I would much rather see a crowded Starbucks drive through than see our Double McDonalds Drive-thru continue to expand. Wouldn’t you?

So, I would LOVE to see a Starbucks location along I-85 in Oxford at Exit 202 or 204. I believe it would do great business even though a quick look at the population and tax numbers might not be exactly what you look for when planning expansion.

In closing, thanks for reading this. I appreciate you listening, even if you cannot come to my town yet. For now, I think I will go make a Nespresso and long for the day it does not require a trip to the city to get some fresh brew.

Sincerely, Chris Aho
Pastor, Oxford Baptist Church
Gold Card Member since 2010


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