Mentors, UBC and Back to 1995 (thru 1999)


Today, in an extended text conversation with my friend Anne England, the subject of our call to ministry came up. (Yes, believe it or not, a legitimate conversation between friends via iMessage covered, among other things, our calls to ministry. I promise. I am not even stretching the truth a little bit. NOT. ONE. BIT.)

We both reminisced about our days as Baylor Students in Waco, and as active members of UBC (University Baptist Church, for those not in to the whole brevity thing). We both were blessed and shaped by UBC and its ministers, especially Chris Seay and Kyle Lake. Here is what we wrote that I want to share with you:

Me: That is why we went into ministry, right? To be like Chris and Kyle? Or maybe that’s just me. 
Anne: They actually had a lot to do with it. 
Me: I joke, but, my story is the same. Were it not for Kyle, Chris and Dave, I’d be…I’m not sure. 
Anne: Me too. Chris and I talked alot. 
Me: It was Chris and Kyle for me. I have a vivid, unforgettable, memory of sitting in the 12th Street building, eating Vitek Gut-packs with Chris while watching MTV. Joan Osborn’s “What if God was one of us” was on. It all changed that day. 
Then, later, Kyle and I would play 9-ball at Crickets at lunch every week.
Anne: That makes me happy and sad. 
Me: I know.

I am not sure what this little exchange might do for you, but maybe it will remind you of your mentors and the people who helped you get to where you are. I have been blessed to have more great mentors than I deserve but I do my best to at least be thankful for them every day.
I hope you do the same, but you probably will do better…I mean, I needed like six or eight mentors just to get here.

Peace, ca


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