Dueling Football or Futbol


This week I’ve come across two articles about ‘football’ worth sharing.
The first is this wonderful price on ESPN.com from Wright Thompson. It is story and commentary, insight and accusation, all in one. If you have a history with Texas and Football in some way, or you just want to read about it, this one is worth your time.

The second is this article on SI.com about the other ‘Futbol’ in the US, soccer. This piece has some hidden commentary on youth sports culture as well as some prognostications about our potential success in the future, if we get things right and don’t lock all our children up on travel teams and in tournament play.

So, if you like interesting reading and/or these two sports, do yourself a favor and take some time to read a little.

Peace, ca

Texas Football in ESPN the Magazine

Soccer in SI
(If the link opens with “Chesterfield” scroll down and go to page 1 of the article – a bug on SI’s part, I think)




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