The Catch. When yards become inches

Dez Bryant catch from SB Nation:

I am a Packers fan.

All of my life I have cheered for the Dolphins, but the Packers are the team of my birth and will be the team I care about until death.

Needless to say, I was thrilled NFL overturned the Dez Bryant catch.
At this point, I think I see how they interpret  their rules, but still, on every field except an NFL field, that is a catch. Which points me to a larger point and frustration with the NFL:
Sometimes yards are yards and sometimes yards become inches.

Early in a game, a player makes a catch and is downed. The field judge enters, marks the spot and the game moves on. First downs are rarely measured early. They are always measured late. Sometimes players gets a generous spots, sometimes not, but it is impossible to discern what type of spot one may get until it is too late.

The longer I have watched the NFL, the more annoyed I have become with the meticulous dissection of certain plays and an arbitrary indifference towards others. Sometimes a yard is a yard and sometimes the yard is marked to the inch.

I hate to be too nostalgic, but our fathers fell in love with a game. It was a game of yards.
The game we inherit is becoming a science of inches, half-inches and quarter-inches. But does science make it a better game? I am not sure.

I am not against Instant Replay. I also believe the details matter. I think, in most arenas of life, we are better off when we pay close attention to the details. But, in the NFL, sometimes the details matter and sometimes they don’t. I have a hard time reconciling this, even when the call goes my way.

Moving on, I’m hoping that the green and gold pay close attention to the details in Seattle. We will need all the help we can get.


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