86 days


I want to write a little more given the cancelation of everything, self-distancing, and changing life due to COVID-19. I will save the real, actual, long writing for my thesis work, which I need to restart. These are just little thoughts and reflections may be interesting or add perspective. They shouldn’t take long.

So, I had this thought that struck me today and hopefully will put some of this in perspective. On December 21, 2019, my mom died. It was fast. 19 days from diagnosis to death thanks to cancer we didn’t know about.

86 days ago she died. It has been less than a season. Yet, she never heard about, knew about, or imagined a coronavirus. In less than 86 days our world has changed dramatically. So, when you have a hard time with things, it is ok. It has happened fast and changing fast. Just do your best to stay diligent during these strange days.

That’s all I got.



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