Civic Duties

My child is inquisitive. He was fascinated with the idea of voting. He knew who our pick for president and was happy to remind me as we made our way to the polls this morning. I took him with me. 4 years from now, I may have to drag him reluctantly, but today he was … More Civic Duties

Work station.

I got up to get a coffee refill and snapped this pic on my way back to my seat. I thought it was cool how the UrbanEars reflected in the aluminum of the back of my Mac. I also liked the reflection of the Mac in the table. The snapseed filter I used highlighted the … More Work station.

Mobile Dreaming.

I know it is cold in here because of the ac but since the calendar says mid-October and I chose to wear a sweater today, I’m pretending its fall. (Even if its hot driving around in the jeep).