design thinking

I am working on a doctoral thesis at Duke Divinity School exploring the intersections between design thinking, the church, and the early church in Acts.
I have also led a few design thinking workshops and attended Design Thinking for Social Systems at the at Stanford University.

I am available to lead design thinking workshops and as an ICF Trained leadership coach, can integrate my pastoral, coaching, and design thinking toolboxes to assist in designing new paths in all kinds of situations.
Below are a few photos and links related to my design thinking work.

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Chris Aho, Designing for Social Systems Workshop participant June '18⁣ ⁣ Chris is a pastor of a church and a doctoral student. He is a catalyst to engage people in projects and processes, and has been researching design thinking as a new way to operate.⁣ ⁣ Chris is integrating what he learned by making shifts in his language and asking more questions beginning with ‘what if’ or ‘what’s possible’. “By doing this, I am priming the pump for more ideas and experiences to come. Also, I’m spreading the concept that if something doesn’t work, that is okay. We’ll try something else.”⁣ ⁣ In the DSS workshop, there was an exercise called “Redesigning the Meeting.” “I think we know intuitively that sitting in a square is different than sitting in a circle. The Redesigning a Meeting exercise gave it a language and a tangibility for me to recognize the strength of the environment as a component of people coming together.”

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