Sermon – Big Dreams

For many months now I have sensed a bit of guilt over not publishing much on this here blogsite. But, I realized that I generate content every week in the form of a delivered sermon. AND, if you wander on over here, you might be interested. So, I plan to regularly post my sermons here … More Sermon – Big Dreams


Back to Work!

Well, yesterday, I got back to preaching regularly. This time, it is in Oxford, NC for my new call to serve as pastor to Oxford Baptist Church. It was a great Sunday. The children sang and led in worship. Natalie, Cam and I joined the church. It was Pentecost Sunday. All in all it was … More Back to Work!


When we made our arrangements to come to Oxford this weekend, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get everything done since our next trip here would be our move. Since we got everything finished early, we were able to take Cam to Duke this morning and found really cheap hockey … More Indoctrination

My Son on Music

This morning in the car on the way to school, Cam shared some of his opinions on music with me. It began when we landed on an XM station playing the Phil Phillips song. Cam asked, ‘Is this Mumford?’ I replied ‘no,’ but thought, ‘well, kind of.’ He said he was confused because it sounded … More My Son on Music

12 Ornaments – Day 11

Christ is born. Now we wait for Santa to come. It’s crazy, I know. But at least this Santa has made a nice wardrobe change, crossing over to the blue side of things. Merry Christmas to you. And, if Santa cares about colleges, I suspect that he would be a Duke fan.