12 Ornaments – Day 11

Christ is born. Now we wait for Santa to come. It’s crazy, I know. But at least this Santa has made a nice wardrobe change, crossing over to the blue side of things. Merry Christmas to you. And, if Santa cares about colleges, I suspect that he would be a Duke fan.

12 Ornaments – Day 6

It’s day six and its a Wednesday. In Baptist circles, Wednesday means church, so I give you…a Duke Divinity Ornament. Duke also played basketball tonight and won big, so this one is pulling double symbolic duty. Thanks for watching along with me. Merry Christmas.

12 Ornaments 2

Here’s day two. It’s a gift we got from a loved one a while back and it is totally Texan. It’s heavy. It’s silver. It’s got the state outline and a flag. There’s a trinity of Texas symbolism in there somewhere. So, for a day as big as Saturday, I give you the Texas ornament.