Faith by Design, a Doctoral Thesis

I do not/have not posted often and this is not really a new beginning. Instead, this is a post to share that my doctoral thesis, Faith by Design, is now available on the internet. You can read it/download it from the Duke University Libraries website. If you want to contact me about it, my email … More Faith by Design, a Doctoral Thesis


86 days

I want to write a little more given the cancelation of everything, self-distancing, and changing life due to COVID-19. I will save the real, actual, long writing for my thesis work, which I need to restart. These are just little thoughts and reflections may be interesting or add perspective. They shouldn’t take long. So, I … More 86 days

A Recommendation.

Dave Chang Show with Mickey Drexler on The Ringer Podcast Network For those with interests in #DesignThinking and who have a little knowledge, this podcast might be a fun listen. There are instances of experimentation, building from hunches alongside analytics, and playing with seeing around the next corner, though we know it is almost impossible … More A Recommendation.

Tooting a Horn

I do not like to toot my own horn. Maybe it is because I am shy. Maybe I am modest. Maybe I am slightly insecure and like the McFlys early in Back to the Future, “I don’t know if I can take that kind of rejection.” Or, maybe, somethings are ok left unsaid. To that … More Tooting a Horn

As You Go, or the one that talked about God’s Cowbell

¬†On Sunday I offered a sermon to our Graduates at Oxford Baptist Church. I hope the rest of the congregation was also listening because we all will benefit from listening for God’s Cowbell above the noise of life. If you want to discern whether I was successful in navigating the call of God through the … More As You Go, or the one that talked about God’s Cowbell